Electric Ecology Conference

The 2nd Electric Ecology Conference & 2023 China Green Power Eco Expo & The 7th State Grid EV Expo will be held on Sep. 6-8, 2023 at Nanjing International Exhibition Center, please arrange your schedule in advance.

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Electric Ecology Conference

Electric Eco Expo 2023

The 2nd China Electric Ecology Conference & 2023 China Green Power Eco Expo & The 7th State Grid EV Expo will be held on Sep. 6-8, 2023 at Nanjing International Exhibition Center. The expo is dedicated to promoting the continuous development of the electric industry, with the purpose of building an electric green ecology, analyzing industry development trends and future trends, and achieving endless business opportunities.

To achieve the goal of carbon peak target by 2030, accelerate the construction of a clean, low-carbon, efficient and safe energy system, and help the development of wind energy, photovoltaic, energy storage and charging and swapping industry.State Grid Smart Internet of Vehicles Company, Ltd. (formerly State Grid Electric Vehicle Services Ltd.) ,National Energy Storage and Power Battery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center,Association Of Beijing New Energy Automotives,Beijing Huaxing Orient Exhibition Co.Will host China Electric Ecology Conference

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    A series of theme activities will be held during the exhibition, which will help enterprises expand their vast network resources and exchange market information to promote the healthy development of the industry through multi-dimensional policy interpretation, standard release, technology sharing, industry trend analysis, white paper release, industry tuyway guidance, resource docking, and enterprise style display.
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Participant Voices


It is a great honor to attend this conference on behalf of HANLOON ENERGY, which has created a good opportunity for us to communicate and exchange ideas. Electric mobility industry is developing at a high speed thanks to the vigorous support of the policy, with the goal of carbon peak and carbon neutral, while getting great development opportunities, innovation is the driving force to promote the brand upgrade and industry development. HANLOON ENERGY will definitely work with the State Grid EV Expo and colleagues from all walks of life to strengthen innovation and continuously promote the upgrade of green mobility industry. Finally, we sincerely thank the State Grid EV Expo for bringing us a high quality and professional communication platform, and wish the conference a complete success.


Chairman - Lu Xinghai


Electric mobility and green energy related industries will usher in a period of rapid development. We are very grateful that the State Grid EV Expo has been driving and promoting the development of electric mobility related industries, and we are also very fortunate to participate in it as one of them. Over the past years, Sunshine Power has been rooted in the new energy charging industry, and with the platform of the State Grid Electric Mobility Expo, we have displayed our latest products and achievements. We wish the conference success and all the exhibitors to make a success in the exhibition.


Chairman - Yuan Qingmin


I am very glad to meet with all the industry colleagues through the State Grid EV Expo, first of all, I would like to thank State Grid EV Expo for providing such a platform. I think innovation is an important direction for the future development of a company, and through the exchange and integration of this platform, the business model of the whole industry, I hope that UNIT can create the ecosystem of electric mobility together with people from all walks of life in the industry; in the future, I am glad to bring the latest digital innovation technology in the exhibition, and I hope to be able to work with you in the future on the road of digitalization and intelligence. We hope that in the future of digitalization and intelligence, UNIT can walk with you all the way, go better and go farther. We wish the conference a great success.


Chairman—Yang Xiaofeng


This time, I participated in the State Grid EV Expo because I was introduced to the exhibition by my peers. The effect to the scene is not bad, the traffic and customers are very precise, basically achieved the expected effect, also met a lot of peer friends, but also through this exhibition to understand more information and trends in the industry, also saw a lot of new products, to our future development to give new inspirational ideas, and finally hope to get more customers and orders through this platform.


Deputy general manager—Chen Yulong

We are a new energy vehicle charging station operator, and we saw this exhibition through the invitation of the organizer. Thanks to the exhibition organizer for creating a platform for us to learn and exchange. We hope to meet more new manufacturers of green energy related products through the exhibition.

Professional visitor—Hua Zongyi

While attending a professional exhibition, I also participated in an open course on electric mobility ecosystem, which was very professional. I benefited a lot from the future development trend, some policy interpretation, and professional technology, and also made a friend through this professional forum. At the same time, I also hope that more professional academic forums of this kind will be held in the future at the National Electric Travel Exhibition.

Professional visitor—Gua pintao

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